I believe I contribute to the history of oil painting by continuing the discourse on the study of light and space on the two-dimensional plane. By incorporating holographic glitter and geometric pigment in my works, I discover deeper and greater illusions of form that go beyond the x- and y- axis of drawing and painting but conjure a tromp l’oeil effect of the z-axis as well.

The exploration of multiple dimensions for the history of oil painting started with the impasto technique, which can be traced back to Vincent Van Gogh’s thick layers of paint and earlier artists’ studies of realism. My incorporation of materials that interact with light in novel ways brings this dimensional quality of oil paintings further into digital media age. While acknowledging the history of glazes, my pieces also react to modern technologies such as the glow of an LCD screen by using the holographic and refraction gradient materials.

The technique of chiaroscuro is the contrast of light and dark in painting, The creation of contrast occurs through glazing, which is process of painting dark transparent layers over light colors, and scumbling, which is painting light over dark layers. Renaissance paintings used both for different stages of the painting process. Chiaroscuro is used in dramatic mood lighting to heightened the drama of  pieces. The use of holographic pigments in my works adds a greater brilliant to this contrast.

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  1. Chris Pfister says on November 2, 2015

    Hello, Janna:
    I’m reaching out to you since I came across your website and saw your Yale connections! My husband, Chris Pfister, is an older Yale MFA painter with a show in LA right now — if you have a chance, you might enjoy seeing the work, your response would be interesting to him, and you would be a wonderful young voice if you had a chance to do a snap review of the show.
    There’s his bio and all the info. on the gallery website:
    Let us know what you think!
    Susan & Chris Pfister

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