Contact: jra3421@gmail.com

Explanation of work: my paintings are still lifes, figurations and landscapes that locate form in virtual spaces. Considering how form is constructed in virtual and augmented reality software inspires aesthetic decisions in the colors and materials I use. Such materials are refraction gradients (holograms), geometric pigment, metallic spray paint, resin and other reflective/ multi-reflective mediums. These additional mediums alter three-dimensional illusions for unrealistic and realistic depictions of traditional subject matter. In these works mimetic representation is dismantled so as to create alternative realities that probe the imagination and elicit emotional and psychological responses.

I might be considered a “painter’s painter,” yet I disavow the hierarchy of art making in which this terminology is reinforced by the conceptual marketplace and pluralistic discourses. I’ve come to realize that there are no problems in “painting as a discourse,” per se; there are problems in the verbalizing pursuit to deconstruct and understand it through art institutional pedagogy.

Biography: Janna Avner is a creative technologist living in Los Angeles who recently cofounded Femmebit, a yearly digital new media festival celebrating women artists. Janna is also a professional painter who curates shows, exhibits paintings and writes as much as time permits. Her research centers on the relationship between empathy and art, as well as technology’s effects on the physical body that lead to self-exploration and self-understanding.

Since graduating from Yale in 2012, Janna continues to inspire her friends and community through art that speaks to the human condition in today’s polarizing political climate and to facilitate means of psychological transcendence. Janna has been quoted in the Los Angeles Times and the Paris Review. Her writings on artificial intelligence were selected for “What Future: The Year’s Best Ideas to Reclaim, Reanimate, and Reinvent Our Future,” a 2017 best-of-anthology by Unnamed Press.

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  1. Chris Pfister says on November 2, 2015

    Hello, Janna:
    I’m reaching out to you since I came across your website and saw your Yale connections! My husband, Chris Pfister, is an older Yale MFA painter with a show in LA right now — if you have a chance, you might enjoy seeing the work, your response would be interesting to him, and you would be a wonderful young voice if you had a chance to do a snap review of the show.
    There’s his bio and all the info. on the gallery website:
    Let us know what you think!
    Susan & Chris Pfister

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