Uncategorized July 17, 2019
5/1 – 11/1: ART PIC LOS ANGELES, works available for purchase and private events- contact
9/7: the Regenerates, A Multimedia Exhibition @the Nook Gallery LA

5/11:Locating Form in Virtual Spaces: A Painting and VR exhibition @the Nook Gallery LA 6/25: ART AT AVRA, Luncheon and Art Viewing hosted by philanthropist, Gail Bershon; 5/31-6/2: Femmebit Digital Art Festival: Showcasing 75 women artists @Civic Center Studios
3/28- 3/31: The Other Art Fair: Femmebit VR The Reef in DTLA: Booth 116 
3/23/ 4/30: Message in the Trees Group Exhibition @the Nook LA
3/22 Femmebit: Imagine Grapefruits Yoko Ono Tribute @the Walt Disney Concert Hall
2/15-  2/17 Femmebit: Screen as Persona @Spring/Break Art Show LA 
2/10- 2/28 Botany and the Body Group Show @The Nook LA
1/24: Femmebit Fundraiser: Navel LA 


I am a fine arts painter from Los Angeles. I might be considered a "painter's painter," yet I disavow the hierarchy of art making in which this terminology is normalized and reinforced by the conceptual marketplace and pluralistic discourses. I've come to realize that there are no problems in "painting as a discourse," per se; there are problems in the verbalizing pursuit to deconstruct and understand it through art institutional pedagogy.

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